Aran Quinn

The Design Studio, Order reached out to collaborate with me on updating Ephelia, the cow mascot design of William's College.

Below are a series of rounds of character design development starting from the original design William's had to where we landed.

This is the original Design we started off with.

The first round was to give a variety of face shapes, proportions, and gestures.

From there we landed on this design, although she felt a little mean.

Here is the design we landed on. From here we played with the shapes of the patterns on the cow, and what poses to choose moving forward.

I started to dive into facial expressions.

From here we moved into color using the already assigned color palette.

with the decided pose, we played with the patterns and use of color some more.

We landed on this design as the final.

And how the pattern wold look from far way to close up.

… and on some merch.

Last but not least, I animated it for a looping gif that could be in an email for signing off.

You can find more info on the entire brand refresh here.