Aran Quinn


Commissioned by Katie Potochney and her lovely creative team at Etsy, I was asked concept and create end-tag Illustrations, name card slates, and other gif and video animations for their new brand refresh using their color palette and texture library.

Below are a series of animations I designed and helped concept.

The goal was for these animations to live at the end of an Etsy advert and to be used at the end of company emails depending on what department they came from.

This is one of three End-Tags, titled, “Weird Friends”.

This is two of three End Tags named, "Magic Hour".

This is Three of Three End Tags called, "All Together Now".

I was also commissioned to create Slate-Card-Names so that any name could be easily typed into this animation.

Etsy Categories

This was another project that was to portray the different departments and areas of expertise within Etsy's company through illustrated gifs.







Seller's Market

Global Market